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What is shopt?

shopt is a proudly South African, custom built website & e-commerce platform. shopt allows you to showcase your brand AND sell products or services under one easy-to-use system. With attractive templates for both e-commerce & brochure-only type websites.  And the best part? We offer you full set-up from start to finish PLUS on-going, locally based support. NO DIY required on your part! The platform gives users a customer-facing store front with web pages such as Home, Shop, About, Contact etc. And then it gives a backend portal with access restricted to site admin persons in which there are controls to edit and manage the store.  Admin users can manage the style of the website with colour customization and section creation tools. Admin users can also manage and update all the retail tools like Products, Orders, Customers, Shipping options and more.

How does shopt work?

Business owners can create an account and pay a once off activation fee on the shopt website. This kicks off your shopt contract and a support team member will be in touch with you to start building your site. Follow the guidance of the support team by picking a template, providing the relevant information and watch in real-time as the team builds your new website on a private ‘staging’ server. 
Apply and connect required 3rd party integrations for payment gateways and courier. Check all your content and products are correct. 
When you are happy and you sign off the staging site, then your new online shop is ready for launch and will go live onto the internet. 
The shopt support and set-up includes full training in the system so you can effectively manage your store from this point onwards. Our local SA team makes sure you are always assisted.

What features are included?

ALL the shopt packages come standard with the Base Features:

* Online store : what your customers see
* Backend admin portal : where you control the site/products/orders etc.
* Choice of template : with customisation tools to change colours etc.
* Full Set-up & population : including a real-time 'staging' site  - we do it all for you!
* Sales Reporting : see product sales at various retail parameters
* Price Tiers Lite : create discount tiers per user groups
* Discounts : create coupons and bundle discounts per products/categories etc.
* Integrations : 2 x Payment gateways | 1 x Courier integration | 1 x Collection integration
* Unlimited admin users
* Web Hosting Included : on secure dedicated server 

As you go up in package, more Add On Features become included:

+ Add more Payment gateways 
+ Price Tiers Pro : for businesses selling wholesale or using agents, create custom price profiles and pricing tiers etc.
+ Sage/Xero integration : connect products; pricing & inventory to your accounting package
+ Events and Ticketing : allows you to sell tickets or seats to events, courses or workshops. 
* Installers : offer your customers the option to install or assemble an item at their delivery address
* Geolocations : create a multitude of order fulfillment rules based on geographical locations. Powered by polygons created in Google Earth

 Read More in the Add On Features FAQ below

Is there a setup fee?

Yes! Our Activation Fee's are available here on the shopt website. This fee is charged upfront and covers full set-up by our team.
That means no DIY for you!

what pricing packages are available?

the shopt platform offers multiple price packages that are both competitive and affordable. 
What we offer, unlike most other systems, is full set-up and on-going support.
All prices quoted excluding VAT

ALL the packages are structured as follows: 
- Activation fee - from R6950
- Package fee - from R699
- % Transaction fee - between 1% - 2,5% 

Activation Fee:
This once off cost books your job into our studio and covers the full set-up of your website. The set-up service includes:
- a staging site to see your website build in real-time and check all your content is correct
- populating 50x products into your shop 
- 2x home page banner designs
- creating required web pages e.g. about / services / blog / contact etc.
- generic royalty free image sourcing for about articles as needed
- text content generation as needed
- checklist and on-going email communication with the support team
- system training
- go-live scheduling
- domain transfer as needed

Package fee:
This monthly fee is the system ‘rental’ fee for your website and also includes:
- full time, locally based support
- web hosting on the shopt dedicated and secure server
- SSL security certificate

Transaction fee:
This is a % commission calculated off your shops gross monthly turnover exclusive of VAT.
- calculated by the shopt Sales Reporting tool found in your backend portal
- calculated on a per calendar month period basis
- unrelated to any fees payable to payment gateway or courier service providers

Contract Terms

Signing up for a shopt account and making payment for any Activation Fee on this website, confirms your acceptance of our contract terms and conditions found listed here. 
On confirmation of your order you will be contacted by our Support team to kick off your website build process.
All e-commerce contracts are valid for 12 months. 
1 month notice for cancellation applies.

The contract terms cover:
- duration
- payment terms
- services & responsibilities
- intellectual property & content ownership
- retail behaviours
- indemnity & liability

Can I change or cancel my contract?

You are welcome to change or cancel your contract package at anytime - a 1 calendar month notice is applicable.
Note the Once off Activation fee's are non-refundable

See Contract Terms for more

What is the difference between the Front end and Back end?

Good question!
The Front end is your online shop and is what you customer sees. 
The Back end is the restricted access, control portal that you as the site administrator will login to to manage the online shop.

Online Store front end comes with:
Home page incl. customizable banners & sections
About page 
Contact pages
Header Navigation area
Footer area with sections
+ Add Custom pages like Blog / FAQs etc.
+ Connect Social Media links
+ more…

Backend Portal  with:
Site Settings
Unlimited Admin Accounts
Product controls incl. Categories & Variants
Orders section
Customers section
Discounts section
Sales Reporting
+ Info Pages section
+ Tiered Pricing (lite)
+ more…


Can I use my existing domain name?

Yes! You are able to transfer your domain name over to the shopt private and secure dedicated server. If this is not an option for you then you can point your existing domain to our server.

Is web hosting included?

Yes! All shopt websites are hosted on our dedicated and secure server. This is included in all packages.
This means no risk of exploitation!

Can the system handle hundreds of products?

Yes! The system is built to handle shops with any amount of products loaded. Your customers should not experience lag when browsing your online shop. 
Did you know we also offer XML Feed integration? This means your shop's backend can pull in product feeds directly from your suppliers if they have an active feed available. You can control your % markup on a product, category or global level. This makes product uploading much easier.

What extra features does shopt offer?

The shopt base features include everything a business owner needs to sell online. But to help businesses push for higher retail performance, shopt has an expanded toolbox of features. These “Add on” modules become available as you move up and select higher packages. 

These add ons include:
- Price Tiers Pro (Wholesale)
- Sage/Xero accounting integration
- Eventing & Ticketing module
- Installer module
- Geolocations module

Read more on each below

Add on - Price Tiers Lite & Pro

All shopt systems come standard with Price Tiers lite as a base feature. Move up to a higher package and get Price Tiers Pro for further functionality.

Price Tiers Lite:
Create Price Tiers with varying discounts applied to each tier. Choose between % off Retail price or % onto Cost price etc.
Price Tiers Pro: 
Create Custom Price Profiles and select which products to include & exclude. Choose to hide products from general retail customers. Assign varying discounts to the profiles and assign to the tiers. Great for businesses selling wholesale or using agents, installers or external teams.

Add on - Sage / Xero Integration

Integrate your online store into your accounting package. This allows for real time inventory management and customer invoicing. Bookkeeping just got simpler as now no need to run the numbers manually!
The integration allows for global OR product by product sync to your accounting program so that any sales will reflect across both systems.

Add on - Eventing & Tickets

Eventing allows you to sell tickets or seats to events, courses or workshops. 
There are two parts to this module : 
a) Tickets : sell tickets to events large or small. Appropriate for any sort of social/sporting/school/private events. 
b) Education : sell seats/tickets for conferences/courses/workshops/classes. 
All event types are customizable in terms of time/date/availability etc.  
Events also work in conjunction with the retail side of the online store so businesses can sell goods/merchandise concurrently to tickets.

Add on - Installers

Offer your customers the option to install or assemble an item at their delivery address for an additional fee. Great for businesses with flat pack furniture or with technical products that need to be correctlt set up. This functionality works hand in hand with the Geolocations module to create correct rules and add trusted installers to the system per area/suburb/city.

Add on - Geolocations

This module gives retail businesses a lot of power and control over order fulfillment and how this can shape your business growth.
Create a multitude of different order fulfillment rules based on geographical locations. Powered by polygons created in Google Earth, this module allows for layered logistical planning to different areas around the country. Control shipping costs, assess popular areas, keep drivers safe from dangerous areas and more.

Does shopt include digital marketing and SEO?

shopt is an online store platform which gives you the structure of the front facing store and the backend control. Driving sales and advertising the site are up to you as the business owner. 
We give you the car, now start racing! (i.e Advertising & Marketing is not part of the shopt offering)

SEO - site engine optimization:
The system does include some built-in tools that assist with promoting SEO.
It allows for insertion of SEO titles, descriptions and tags on all landing pages, product pages and category pages. This promotes organic SEO which means your website will start to appear higher up on search engines like Google. 

Marketing tools:
The system includes capabilities to easily connect to the most common digital marketing tools available, you or your marketing manager will need to connect with us to train you how to add/activate some of these tools:
- insert tracking tags into the header or footer sections on the site 
- connect your Instagram feed to home page
- add the site to your Google merchant account
- run Google Ad Words to push products showing on your shop

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